As a parent of three college students, and having spent more than 30 years in journalism and education, I am convinced that our nation is facing an academic crisis. Indeed, surveys regularly show that American middle school and high school students are falling behind in many of the fundamental skills they will need to succeed in college and the professional world.

Even in some of our finest public and private schools, many teachers are unable to spend enough time with students who are either having trouble, or who wish to go beyond the schools’ offerings. This is especially true for writing.

I work one-on-one in “master classes” with students in the Connecticut area on study skills, grammar, usage, structure, and organization in English and history. There is no fixed curriculum or set term of meetings; the students’ needs drive the process. In each case, the aim is to create an individually appropriate, holistic, educational experience that integrates reading, writing, and research. While mechanics are the core, clear thinking and expression are the goals.

For a select number of high school students, I also provide individual tutorials on SAT and ACT verbal tests, college essays, and navigating the college application process.



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